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Puneet Sakhuja - Brand Strategist, Web Consultant, Digital Marketer in Dubai
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We are a team of the best in the business. Our people are the easiest to work with and make up a team built to build you.

Worldwide Reach

With our ever-expanding list of clienteles, it is no wonder that we have worked with brands in every continent in the past years.


We have been awarded as one of the top nine web design agencies in the UAE, with our founder appearing in print and media worldwide for his contribution to the design climate of the Middle East.


With a couple of decades worth of work, we know what we are doing and are looking forward to contributing to the growth of more businesses.


Brand Identity, Strategy, Brand Experience, Web Design, Content Design & Technology Consultancy. Our niche lies in making your brand speak to your audience.


Since our inception, we have grown multiple folds, propelling ourselves into the coveted position that we are in today.

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ps barOur Marketing Approach

Every brand has some value, and it is communicated through everything that it does. So, when it comes to marketing, a brand's voice is the most critical aspect, and we chisel out a sharp, distinct voice for brands that are authentic to who they are and unique enough to spear through the crowd of competitors and ultimately stand out. Our process flow framework for marketing looks roughly like this:
  • Define the brand
  • Research the competition
  • Devise a brand image that is both unique and authentic to the brand in question
  • Collaborate with the brand on their preferred aesthetics
  • Execute a thorough Consumer Profiling
  • Align the devised brand with consumer tastes
  • Identify marketing domains and channels
  • Execute the plans and streamline each of them for the specific marketing channel.

ps barOur Values

For us, our core values are what make us who we are:
Client's clients are paramount
We work for your business because we care about who you are selling to. Your audience is the ultimate consumer of our content, and hence it is in our best interest to tailor our work to them.

Innovation is key

It is not what we do, but the way we do it is what counts. We consistently reward innovation and strive to be at the edge of technology in the industry as the top digital agency in Dubai.

Putting the passion in compassion

We do this because we are passionate and are as excited about your project as you are. Compassion and respect form the basis of our interactions inside and outside our team, as our clients and team members strive to achieve the same goal- satisfying your consumers.

ps barOur Culture

Our brand's culture can be summarized into- 'outcome over the operation.' For us, our work's worth is determined by the outcome enjoyed by our clients and not the operational process behind it. We believe in the power of effective collaboration. Ideas thrive in their exchange, and we thrive in good ideas.


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Our Creative Director, & Founder Puneet Sakhuja strives to measure success by providing value.

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ps barAbout Our Founder

  • 1998

    My first step was in Graphics & Web Design. It all started with grasping the concepts and applying them.

  • 2001

    Continued the journey as a Web designer in one of Asia's largest B2B marketplace to deal with domestic clients.

  • 2006

    By 2006 I had slowly transitioned towards a Project Manager role.

  • 2011

    In 2011, I began my journey in freelancing by creating an online collaboration concept called WebMunky.

  • 2014

    In 2014, I co-founded Code&Co, where I operate as a Creative director.


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Puneet Sakhuja as Brand Consultant -
The Consultant

As a consultant my roles revolve around Brand Consultancy, ideation, and project management. Additionally, I make sure to leave the client happy and satisfied by the end of the project lifecycle.

Brand Consultancy & Strategy
Ecommerce, Website Design & Development
SEO, SMM Consulting & Strategy
Puneet Sakhuja as Creative Director -

The Creative Director

As a Creative director my responsibilities are more towards direction and vision. I make sure the project is heading in the intended art direction. Furthermore, this heavily involves branding as well as creative quality control.

Brainstorming & Research
Art Direction & Design
Creative Quality Control
Puneet Sakhuja - an Entrepreneur -

The Entrepreneur

An Entrepreneur's job is all about managing and running an effective team and agency. I make sure we follow an innovative approach whilst building team morale. Part of my role also involves growing the web design company in Dubai and building client relationships.

Ideation & Conceptualization
Team Management & Building
Work Culture Design
Client Management & Relations

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