These 7 Web Design Aspects Can Build Trust for Your Brand

17 January 2022

When it comes to web design, why is trust so important? Well, people buy from brands and websites that they trust. If your website creates even the tiniest sense of insecurity, you have already lost the sale. Nevertheless, creating a trustworthy brand and website does not need years. You can improve the trust-building process by making a few simple adjustments to your web design. Here, we have listed seven ways in which web design may help you develop trust for your brand.

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1. Web design and layout

It is amazing how websites often neglect the importance of style and web design in establishing trust. Your website provides an ideal opportunity to create the perfect first impression of your brand. Imagine that a visitor finds an engaging ad of your services or products. As he clicks on it, he lands on an outdated and poorly designed website. What do you think will be his next move? Of course, he will disappear from your site in a spur of a moment.

As a result, all your hard work in creating the ad will get thumbs down by your own landing page. Your trust building efforts would also meet the same fate in any such situation. Be aware that if your website design does not match your marketing activities, it has already harmed your odds of gaining trust. If by some magic, the user decides to stick around, their user experience will likely be subpar.

2. Credibility indicators

If your goal is to get new customers, you would need to make them familiar with your brand at first. Once users land on your site, they will scan for indications that you are running as a reliable business. To make your customers feel more at ease, try including any of the following indicators:

Exhibit your logo: You can be as creative as you desire with your logo design, but make sure to always place it in the upper left corner of your website. It is where the majority of visitors will search for it. You should also include a link to the home page in the logo picture. Besides, the size of the logo is also significant, so make sure your logo is large enough to enable your visitors to spot it instantly.

Links to review sites: External review sites can be even more effective in building confidence than testimonials. People will continue to trust testimonial reviews, but they are smart enough to know that businesses would only put good testimonials on their websites.

On the contrary, customers who post on third-party review sites generally do so anonymously. This makes their reviews appear more genuine and less biased. Visitors will see that you have nothing to conceal by including links to external reviews on Google and other portals. Ensure to include this segment into your web design, as it will add up to your credibility.

Social proof: If you do not have a large social following or interaction, now is the time to begin. Choose a platform that you believe will be the most beneficial to your brand. Consider beginning on Instagram if your product or service is graphics driven. Try short video streaming mobile apps if you think your brand could benefit from funny video content.

CTAs like “Follow us on Instagram” or “join 25,000 other readers and subscribe to our newsletters” are excellent trust-building lines to encourage more customers to follow your social media page. You can also include a live Instagram feed in your website’s footer.

3. Mobile Friendly

One of the web design trends you should not underestimate is running a mobile-friendly website. The majority of users will access your website using their smartphone or tablet. Viewers will leave your website if it does not load quickly or effectively. If your website is only viewable from a desktop pc, you will lose clients.

4. User Friendly

Web design dynamics always lean toward clean navigation and user-friendly designs. Your visitors do not want to click repeatedly to get where they want to be. They also do not want to search for sub-menus hidden in sub-menus. Most of the customers are like the kids that need spoon feeding. Therefore, you need to organize everything properly to make the navigation simple and easy.

5. About Us page

It is a good idea to include an About Us page on your website unless your company is well-known. Visitors often want to learn more about your business before providing personal information such as email addresses, contact information or payment details.

Your ‘About page’ is also a great medium to flaunt your brand and show potential clients about its value. Many companies use the ‘About’ page to share stories about themselves to establish a relationship with their visitors. Avoid making a list of your accomplishments on your About page. Instead, focus on your customers and the way in which you can assist them with relevant content.

6. Web design consistency

When it comes to developing brand credibility, consistency in the site design is crucial. It encompasses everything including design, color, typefaces, vocal tone and so on. Consistency across these aspects will improve the user experience, make your website appear more holistic, and keep the user from any distractions. Follow these simple actions to create site design consistency:

  • Have menus in identical positions on every page
  • Throughout the site, use the same fonts and colors
  • Arrange the elements on your website in a proper framework
  • Ensure that your logo shows on each page in the same way. (links back to the homepage)

7. Create a unique brand

To establish your brand apart from the majority, you have to build it unique. If your website appears the same as your rivals’, your selection for the best of color, style, or voice will go in vain. No doubt, creating a brand that stands out from the crowd will take some time and work. However, your efforts will likely pay off in terms of an increased number of visitors with time. There is also a better possibility that they will become your loyal customers once they feel satisfied with your items or services.


Including all these aspects in your website design could contribute appreciably in making your website the most sought after one in your respective niche. To invoke that magical effect, it would always be advisable to hire the services of a seasoned web design agency. This will not only attract the attention of more visitors toward your site, but will also end up giving you more leads, thus increasing your business revenues.

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