An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Your Business Needs It.

1 April 2022

Search Engine Optimization is the concept of the modern era! Be it SMBs, large businesses, brands, or individuals, all wish to rank their business websites at the top of the search engine results. No wonder the target audiences of all businesses and brands keep looking for services and products on Google and other search engines. It, therefore, becomes imperative for businesses to secure first-page rankings for their web pages so that potential audiences can find them using the searched keyword.

This helps them draw more traffic to their website or business platform. As a result, they can also anticipate their conversion rate going up the charts! In 2021, Google remained accountable for around 70% of all the global desktop search traffic. Other search engines like Baidu, Bing, and Yahoo accounted for 13%, 12%, and 2%, respectively. This shows the wide opportunity for businesses with SEO to make their impression over search engines, especially Google. Here is an Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Your Business Needs It.

The information here hence intends to help you understand what SEO is and how it works. It will enable you to get a clear mindset about how SEO is a crucial concept of utilization for your business promotion over the target audience across the globe.

The information in this article intends to help you understand what SEO is and how it works. It will enable you to get a clear mindset about how SEO is a crucial concept of utilization for your business promotion and growth over the targeted prospective audiences.

Search Engine Optimization – A Brief Intro

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a prime digital marketing strategy that focuses on enhancing the website presence over the search results. Google witnesses billions of searches every day, out of which 15% of searches are completely new. Most people confuse SEO with paid advertising, which is wrong to consider!

In paid advertising, you pay for buying traffic to your website, running ads over search engine result pages, and other such measures. SEO, on the other hand, is organic ranking! It means that you don’t have to pay to be on the top of search results pages. For a simple understanding, SEO is the optimization of content over the website or web platform to make it relevant enough for Google to index it at the top. Several aspects can make your content rich with SEO aspects, such as:

  • Keyword infusion
  • readability optimization
  • backlinks, and
  • Other integrations

As a result, when someone searches for a relevant keyword related to the services or products your business offers, your website will rank up in the search results. This is just an Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Why Your Business Needs It. Nevertheless, if you want to understand the true potential of SEO, you need to know how it works!

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

The prime purpose of search engines is to offer the best service to all of their users! It means that they want to deliver relevant and best results over search engine pages to help users get what they were looking for. Moreover, the search engines also ensure that the contents are best in quality and completely relevant to the searcher’s needs.

To support this, the search engines:

  • Scan and crawl different websites to understand their potential.
  • Use the result for delivering refined results to enable people to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Scan a website to determine its ease of navigation, readability, and user-friendliness.

Following these steps, search engines offer them rankings over SERPs. The ranking is the position of a website over the result pages! The higher the ranking, the better the website traffic will be! On the other hand, SEO is the process that organizations implement to make sure that their brand site ranks high in the search results.

SEO practices should include optimizing the content of your website with relevant keywords and phrases as a priority. It is the first step to adopting good SEO rankings over top search engines. As of 2022, it is evident that 68% of online experiences for users begin with those of a search engine! Therefore, businesses must make a good impression and provide a proficient experience for their audience.

As per reports, search engines use 200 different factors in order to generate their search results. It means that businesses have several elements that they can tweak in order to influence the placement of their website in search results.

Working on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)

To understand how SEO functions, you need to get an idea of how the search engines behave with the website. So, while ranking a website, a search engine goes through a few steps, which include:

  1. Crawling: Search Engines will send web crawlers to look for new pages and record information. Hence, it is the discovery stage!
  2. Indexing: It is the step where the search engine will decide if it is going to use the crawled content or not. Worthy content will add to the index.
  3. Ranking- It can only happen if indexing and crawling steps are complete! By comparing the website with over 200 factors, the search engine will decide its rank.

Hence, business owners should get their sites crawled, indexed, and ranked by taking care of the prime SEO elements. For instance, they will have to add the keyword in the title tag, maintain the loading speed of the website/webpages, and develop the website’s reputation. There can be many obvious ways to achieve the same!

Be aware of the Google updates

Do you care to keep yourself updated with respect to the continuously evolving Google search algorithms? If not then it is high time to focus on this important aspect, as it could leave a direct impact on the visibility of your content on the search engine.

In the past five years, Google has reduced irrelevant results by more than 40%. As per expectations, in the upcoming 2022 updates, Google is likely to eliminate irrelevant content and misleading titles from the search page results. It will retain and retain only the most reliable, relevant, and high-quality content. This is just the tip of the iceberg; you need to be well aware of all the latest updates in order to remain on the front page results.


It is essential to know how SEO in Dubai works and how you can optimize your website to gain more exposure amongst the target audience. Make sure to focus on several related elements while you are implementing SEO. Moreover, while quality content is of high importance, equally essential is to have updated information on the latest Google algorithm updates. , the best Branding Agency in Dubai is a great choice if you want to improve the SEO of your site. Let’s take your business to the next level.

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