Can Website Design Really Make or Break the SEO for Start-ups?

23 December 2021

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the foremost consideration for a website to rank above its competitors in the SERPs. Business owners often wonder about tuning their keyword inclusions and Meta descriptions to fulfil their SEO goals. But there is more to it! Website design also plays a crucial role in building or breaking SEO success for your online business and several reasons prove this verdict.

Here is an elaborated look upon the importance of these reasons to educate you on how a website design can make or break the SEO aspects for start-ups and small businesses.

Importance of SEO for Website Design

The primary goal of Search Engine Optimization is to draw the attention of the right people to your website. While they visit your website, design is the first thing that they focus on. For sure, web design is responsible for giving an uncluttered experience and confusion-free navigation. Hence, it engages the visitors and motivates them to take necessary action to profit the business.

Many online businesses or competitors are likely to focus on the same group of audience that you are targeting. The need is hence to be different in a manner that you gain maximum traction. A rightful website design has high chances to present the content before your audience proficiently. Hence, it makes better first impressions for your brand. Abiding by the statistics, people judge first impressions in a split second! Eventually, as a business owner, you need to make the impression last for long on the senses of your visitors.

Are you distracting your visitors?

SEO and website design elements work together, which people still don’t realize in the modern business era. The components, when executed properly, will make the website look seamless and not over-embedded with unwanted elements. After landing on your homepage, the visitors will straightaway begin their navigation over the site, as they will find the web design appropriate for brand representation.

Most business owners and website designers prefer to add trending effects to their websites, like parallax, slider backgrounds, etc. Be aware that these elements do no good in holding the visitor over your website. Instead, they distract the visitors and might possibly hurt the rate of conversion. Moreover, these trending effects demand an additional set of code, which eventually slows down page loading speed of your website. Concisely, it will ruin your SEO efforts!

Two Essential Considerations for Improving SEO with Website Design

To help you out with the right website design and implementing SEO rewards, you will need to consider some important points. When you keep these things in mind, you will be able to design your website optimally, to avoid breaking the SEO measures. With positive adaptations, website design can uplift the existing SEO tactics of your website to make it more discoverable among the target audience. Here are the considerations:

1. Website Design for Better Discoverability of Content

The content needs to be discoverable over your website for crawling and indexing necessities, by the search engines. Different search engines have varying algorithms, and they have limits on discovering the content of your website through links. If there are no proper links to your content or if they are broken or buried, the content of your website will go undiscovered. This will make it impossible for search engines to rank your website or web page amidst your competitors.

Considering the website design perspective, it is better to create intuitive site architecture for increasing the engagement quotient with the users. The general SEO perspective explains creating an architecture that will allow the pages to crawl and distribute the internal links judiciously. Both these goals are in link with one another, and you can achieve them simultaneously.

You can craft the website design to prioritize the most crucial content, higher in the order of architecture. For instance, web pages of your top service or product categories should also have your important keyword inclusions. You can create the individual pages, subcategories and add other elements to give a better boost to your brand SEO.

2. Content & Design should connect with the Audience’s Necessity

If you are willing to master the SEO prospects for your brand, your prime focus must be upon the website content. Nevertheless, while considering the content priorities, people often neglect the potential of website design and its impact upon SEO. The presentation of your website is of high significance! A poor website design might increase the bounce rate of your website. This will decrease search engine page rankings, hence leading to lesser visits to your site.

Some of the cluttered websites have contents in different blocks and are located in strange places around the landing page. Moreover, poor designs also have elements that serve no purpose. Evidently, these deformities will turn down the visitors who clicked to land on your site. Despite the content being SEO-optimized, if the visitors cannot get relevant information out of it, there is no use of such design. It will not help your SEO concerns!

Do you prioritize things?

Business owners need to prioritize the necessity of the audience while designing their website. For instance, if your business is about selling toys, your target audience will be looking for top-selling toys rather than any random listings on the top. The design should hence reciprocate the needs of your audience rather than just making it attractive.

Is your website responsive?

The websites not designed for mobiles usually come up with big or small texts when people access them through browsers. This makes it difficult for the audience to interact with the concerned services and offerings. As a result, the brand loses its potential customers. Therefore, website content and design should go hand in hand for making or breaking SEO goals. Around 74% of all internet users will probably return to the mobile-friendly websites! Therefore, a responsive website design should be a priority!


As you might have sensed, website design can make or break the SEO goals for your start-up businesses. Hence, to inflict positive results, you need to seek the help of a renowned digital marketing agency. You can expect the experts in these companies to implement an appealing web design and leverage win-win SEO strategy in the wake of making way for profitable outcomes.

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