Why is it Important to Add Visual Elements to Your Website?

14 December 2021

We are a visual species. The number of people who prefer watching videos vastly outnumber those who enjoy reading an excellent article. As a result, the more visual content you provide on your website, the more visitors will return. High-quality content must constantly be available on any website that intends to attract and retain visitors. Read on to know the importance of adding visual elements to your website.

Do you wish to set yourself apart?

Incorporating aesthetic elements into your website will allow you to deliver a distinctive experience to your visitors. No wonder, providing more insightful content will keep people returning to your site and this is perhaps the best method to set yourself apart from the rivals as well. These visitors will eventually convert from leads to paying customers.

Multiple free stock footage and image websites are available online, allowing customers to get high quality content at no cost. You can also integrate the necessary aesthetic elements into your website without having to pay high fees this way. This is especially useful for websites created by small firms or startups, which may lack the financial resources to create specialized images to support their text. Moreover, approaching a professional web designer to create your website and add enthralling visual elements would fetch even better results.

Reasons to add visual elements to your site

Adding visual features to your website is critical for the following reasons:

1. Graphics give additional and quicker information 

Companies add graphics to enhance a webpage’s structure, design, or instructive content while retaining the user’s attention at bay. When users become distracted while seeing your content, it suggests they aren’t fully interested in it, which is never a positive factor. Always keep in mind that the visuals you employ on your website must go in with the page’s layout, style, and purpose.

Graphics are significant as a content type, as they can convey more detailed information than text alone. Because visitors to your website are typically in a hurry to obtain the information they need, a basic instructive infographic or motion graphic that will last no longer than two minutes can deliver considerably more information and engagement than any picture or article.

2. People are much more receptive to visual content

Besides infographics, having videos on your website is quite important. While videos are simple to create, they also allow users to engage more with your page and its content. Videos might include everything from customer testimonials to product or service demonstrations. You can make it as interactive as possible with the help of different free and paid tools available online.

Because videos notify search engines that you’re leveraging mixed media that’s pertinent to search requests, web pages with video content are more likely to appear at the top of Google’s search engine results page (SERP). This is a worthwhile goal, and the fact that videos can improve your ranking factors should be enough to persuade anyone to include videos as a multimedia alternative on their websites.

3. Optimize the user experience of your visitors

A website, devoid of multimedia will surely turn off; if not outright scare your visitors. Seeing a large wall of plain text is difficult for anyone to process. As a result, using various multimedia such as graphics, movies, and images on your website will make a huge difference. Since people prefer visuals to textual elements, the parts of your homepage must appeal to the right audiences for your website to receive consistent traffic.

Furthermore, a website’s user interface (UI) has a critical aspect to perform as well. In a nutshell, the user interface allows visitors to interact with and browse your site. People will not stay on your website for long if it is busy and poorly categorized, or lacks creativity. As a result, incorporating various multimedia features into your website can make it not only more engaging but also smoother to navigate.

4. Build a foundation of trust and goodwill

Do you know how important a first impression is? You only have a few seconds to capture and engage your visitors.

According to a study, 55 percent of visitors stayed on a page for only a little more than 15 seconds. Keeping this timeline as the benchmark, you would need to create the visual elements, captivating enough to keep them hooked to much more than 15 seconds. This will increase the chances of conversion to manifold. Furthermore, good design and content should be at the top of your priority list in this regard.

First-time visitors might not read anything in those crucial initial moments, but they would surely have a glance at your visuals and graphics. If you manage to create an impact on their senses through your design, it will help effectively in ensuring customer acquisition.

5. Improve Communication

As obvious, using words alone isn’t the most effective means of communication. The way is through visual communication. But why? Following are some of the points raised by the Visual Teaching Alliance:

  • The brain receives 90% of its information visually.
  • When compared to text, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster.
  • Your eyes can record up to 36,000 visual messages per hour.
  • You’ve probably noticed the trend in visual communication and may even be using it now to communicate with your audience.

Infographics, slide decks, interactive dashboards, social media posts, PowerPoint presentations, product films, colorful charts, and diagrams are all examples of what we’re talking about here in this blog.

These bite-sized platforms comprise lots of graphics that seem new and professional. They help the visitor to process, portray, and comprehend the conveyed message quickly. Not surprisingly, the visual design makes communication easier and more effective.

Wrapping up!

Visual features on your website can help provide information to your users at a quicker pace than you could imagine. These elements create higher engagement and responses, and enhance their overall user experience to entice the viewer instantly. Hence, always make sure that the media you offer should contain high-quality content, otherwise it will take only a few seconds for your visitors to switch over to another website with comparably better graphics and more comprehensible message.

Summing up, using graphic features correctly might mean the difference between ensuring a terrific website and one that receives no traffic at all. The design that you offer to your visitors depends largely on your perception. If you are still two-minded, a recommended advice would be to hire the services of an expert and experienced web design agency to do the task for your website on your behalf.

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