The Importance of an Interactive Website for Your Business

24 January 2022


Do you know that an interactive website holds the upper hand over a static website in terms of visibility, popularity, clicks as well as sales? And by interactive, we do not mean only exciting web design, engaging content, or the choice of colors. In fact, it refers to a collective impact of all these elements put together in a website. Let’s delve deeper into this topic.

What do you mean by an interactive website?

Put into simple words, an interactive website is one that allows much more than clicks and scrolls. It compels the users to communicate through your website instantly to seek your assistance for their tasks. It enthralls the attention of targeted users through multimedia content, animations, witty chat interfaces, internal links, customer reviews and ratings, and many other engaging factors.

While an interactive website must flaunt an unsurpassed user interface, it should also set benchmarks when it comes to user experience. It could be a video that pops up on a webpage, an informative infographic, or a dynamic design that describes the purpose of the website straight away. Overall, if you can enable a personalized experience for your potential visitors through your website, it is indeed an interactive one.

Interactive Website

To make your website interactive, a thorough study of analytics, customer behavior, and historical preferences would be of much importance. It will help you come up with features that can engage the audiences a better way.

Advantages of an interactive website

From an increased dwell time to a better conversion rate, spruced up the user experience to an effective boost in SEO rankings, an interactive website can offer you priceless benefits.

1) Increased dwell time

A website, well equipped with interactive features increases the time the users spend on its web pages (called dwell time). Interactive elements like a video that makes the visitors more familiar with your brand could contribute appreciably in this regard. It also means that the users are getting high-quality content from your website, which could ultimately lead your website to get better search page rankings for a selected keyword or a group of keywords.

2) Smarter content

Smart content is beyond the texts; it includes intriguing images, bewitching animations, and interesting infographics. All these content forms along with the textual information together make up for smarter and more meaningful content that holds the tendency to entice the attention of the visitors straightaway.

3) Better conversion rate

To-the-point information about the targeted business can boost the conversion rate appreciably. For example, if you run a flower business, uploading informative videos about different flowers that bloom during the winter season would add up to the authenticity of your website. People will turn more toward it to get detailed insights about the flowers and nature, this will accelerate the conversion rate as well. Once the trust factor builds up, your loyal clients will identify you with your business logo itself.

4) Effective UX

User experience works effectively in order to increase the credibility of your website. Self-service features that could help the users get a prompt response to their queries can leave them with a delightful experience with your website. Moreover, if your visitors are finding relevant content and they love coming back to your website, it will only boost engagement and earn their trust to make way for better conversion.

5) Increased search engine visibility

An interactive website is likely to receive linking requests from other websites. The more the quality backlinks, the better are the chances of getting higher rankings for your website. It will also lead to increased visibility of the targeted web pages during online search for a respective keyword or phrase.

Making a website interactive

You can tweak the features or add some new features to an existing website, but it would require you to make significant adjustments. An even better approach would be to cater to the customer journey right from the start of your website design. Here are more touchpoints that will make your website interactive for your users.

1) Interactive page elements

Images or links linked to dynamic and colorful hover-states can enhance your web page elements. Several other interactive elements that make your page the most sought after one may include:

  • Hover selector that could select a particular element when hovering the cursor on it.
  • Image stories that one could navigate on clicks
  • On-scroll or on-click animation loading, and so on

2) Forms and Feedback

An intelligently designed contact form could play an effective role in connecting with your audience. Perhaps, a feedback form would be even better to help you know about the plus and pain points of your business right from your immediate audience.

3) AI & voice control UIs

The use of AI could be a game-changer in making your website interactive. Using several hands-free plugins can make your website browsing easier for visitors, especially those with disabilities. Using voice-control interfaces can also make your website interactive.

4) User-Generated Content

Having multiple interaction points on your website would increase engagement with your customers. A community or a web forum where visitors could write answers to different questions posted by other forum members would generate high-quality user- content. You can also invite comments from visitors to the blog or article section of your website. Another method in this regard would be to ask your potential visitors to pen down guest posts for your web portal.

5) Social Media Applications

Integrating your website with social media platforms will allow added visibility to your website. Having social media pages to promote your website or to display live feeds will keep the users informed about your services.

6) Chat Widgets

If any of your representatives can respond to the product or service-related questions of your customers, it would be an ultimate level of interaction. Nevertheless, if that is not possible, you always have the option of integrating chatbots into your website. It will help your users to get satisfying responses to their queries.

Added features for an interactive website

Many more interactive elements could engage your audience and boost your business goals. Prominent of these may consist of Google Maps, Website ratings, interactive slideshows, opinion polls, website search functionality, newsletters, and more. As a bonus tip, developing your website on WordPress will expose you to numerous features and modules that would work wonders in transforming your static website into a dynamic one.

To conclude, an interactive website is crucial to enthrall your potential audiences and ensure sustainable growth. Our bespoke website development efforts help to inflict the same effect on your business. We incorporate all the possible features and functionality to make your website dynamic, interactive, and customer-friendly. Feel free to connect with us if you can’t wait to have an interactive website that you could utilize as the face of your business.

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