Why Posting Fresh Content Is So Important To Good SEO Results?

23 March 2022

Content is an indispensable part of the dedicated digital marketing strategy. When it comes to delivering effective SEO results, content holds the tendency to offer the top rankings and ratings to any website. Starting from title tags to Meta descriptions, content is indeed crucial to driving fruitful SEO results. Check out why posting Fresh Content Is So Important To Good SEO Results.

Importance of  Fresh Content in SEO

Do you know that more than 64% of digital marketers have adjusted their editorial calendars along with several other key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics in the past year? No wonder, the dynamics of content marketing are the secret to these ever-changing trends.

Posting fresh content is inevitable in today’s digital marketing world, heavily occupied by content marketing. All blogs, articles, and other content forms will work if they are up-to-date only. Let us know in detail about the value of fresh content and its importance in delivering optimized SEO results.

Fresh content- What is it?

Many professional writers have agreed to misunderstand the concept of fresh content. The content never needs a sprinkling but requires a dedicated makeover to call it a fresh one. Hence, changing statistics, adding new data, etc., never works for adding worthy freshness to the content.

Adding new website pages, writing consistently for blog sections, etc., are in fact fresh content. But, they have to stand high on the parameters of consistency, quality, and quantity. Fresh content can be one of the essential tools to help multiple websites crack the game of SEO by bringing different aspects of relevant keywords, long-tail keywords, etc,. Let us try to understand this relationship in detail.

Fresh content and SEO

Will you ever visit a place that seems boring and outdated? The answer is a clear no and the same goes for the digital audience. No customer wants to engage in any business partnership with an organization that never cares about posting fresh content. So what is this link about fresh content and SEO?

 Fresh content is not about making small changes or updates to the existing pages. The small additions or edits in the specific content may have no significant impact on the larger aspects of SEO. Hence, fresh content refers to adding new pages to the existing website in the form of new blog posts. 

SEO is a broader aspect and it is easy to support the current SEO strategy of the business using fresh content. Passive mode never works when it comes to competing with the ever-changing competitive digital space. Fresh content and SEO go hand in hand for Google as its algorithms automatically look for the freshness of the pages to define different search rankings.

Importance of posting fresh content

Different factors contribute to the importance of posting fresh content thereby making a website a digital success. Some of the key factors pressing on the relationship between fresh content and SEO include right here:

Search engine crawlers

SEO specialists know about the working of web crawlers or spiders that look through website pages. These crawlers work on the algorithms that find content for indexing from the newly published pages and the last date or website updates. The content thus indexed from crawlers helps improve the search engine rankings. It is easy for digital marketers to submit the new URLs to Google Search Console or the crawlers can quickly detect the new page on the websites. The website undergoes re-indexing with every new edition of the web page. 

Website authority and link building

It is important to build website authority that helps your website rank higher. Google hence, offers accurate, high-quality, and authoritative information for every response to search queries. Link building, on the other hand, is a crucial aspect of SEO, as it establishes credibility. The audience trusts the website more when one ranked website is referencing the other website. This interlinking is beneficial for sharing traffic and improving SEO.

Organic keyword optimization

It is important for any content to have top keywords that route the search results to the websites. Google no longer prefers keyword stuffing and looks for organic keyword optimization in every single piece of content. Fresh content offers a much-needed space for companies to utilize the power of trending keywords in their fresh content.

It is possible to add the best and the most relevant keywords that offer high-end benefits of overall SEO and search engine positioning. SEO drives the best results when you add the top-rated keywords in the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, first paragraphs, detailed content, etc. In technical language, you can call this practice as on-page optimization.

Consistent user activity

An up-to-date website attracts more visitors than one having the least number of user activities. If any business is looking to aim for a returning audience, it is inevitable to include updated content that brings attractive results. The consistent user activity thus obtained is the key to ranking the web page at the top of the search results. A better idea in this context would be to add blog topics that resonate with your target audience in the best way.

For instance, if you have a website specifically dedicated to content writing, you can post blogs on various related topics on a frequent basis. You can also seek the help of various topic-searching tools to make your blogs more relevant and relatable for your audience. Some of the widely preferred tools may thus include SEMRush,  Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, Google Trends, Quora, and many more.

Wrapping Up!

With more than 72% of digital marketers agreeing that content marketing works in increasing customer engagement, it is tough for any business to turn a silent ear to posting fresh content. It helps businesses increase their authority potential, adding updated keywords, making their content Google-friendly, frequent indexing, etc. 

To get a deeper insight into fresh content or to seek assistance in writing fresh content for your website, you can always contact Puneet.ae the best Branding Agency in Dubai. The organization has a suave reputation in the digital marketing industry. It has proved its excellence time and again in delivering outstanding results for its clients.

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