Why Fresh Content is Like Oxygen For Your Website’s SEO

11 April 2022

With the onset of digitalization, businesses can now reach out to more customers globally without dealing with geographical, social, and political barriers. Even though technological change sounds like an outstanding chance for business expansion and growth, it comes with a lot of challenges and hurdles; maintaining a website is one of them.

Factors that affect SEO

As websites act as the main media of interaction between the business and customers, businesses also focus on designing the most intuitive UI and high performing backend drivers. Despite these two sections holding a lot of significance in the overall productivity and efficiency of the websites, considering other elements is equally important to affect the SEO key metrics and SERP.

For example, it is essential to check the links frequently to ensure that none of them leads to a dead-end or faces a reduced domain authority. Similarly, the content also needs to be in accordance with the market trends and SEO ranking principles.

Why should you upload fresh content?

When you do not update the contents present on a website or upload new texts, the site will become static and won’t be able to draw in the target audience. Prolonged ignorance can soon lead to its downfall, as it won’t live up to the expectations of the SEO ranking algorithms. Thus, you should care to upload fresh and optimized content on the website for its persistent growth and excellent performance.

Here is more on how new and updated content can help transform the digital business and outshine the competitors.

1. It will increase visibility on the search engine

Most search engines have ranking algorithms or web crawlers. These robots visit every website interlinked with each through different types of links (outbound and inbound), and once they crawl through the entire content, they assign the ranks. The SERPs will decide whether your website has earned the desired visibility and indexation.

If your website doesn’t have any fresh content, crawler visits will reduce and may even drop down to zero. This will have a direct impact on your indexation. So, make sure to keep the content updated and fresh so that it can attract the crawler and make themselves more visible.

2. New and updated content will have optimized keywords

Beyond doubt, keywords play a crucial role in helping your website to be visible in the top search results once the user enters a phrase in the search engine query. If your web content doesn’t have the necessary keywords, it won’t appear in the results, even if the content is relevant to what the user wants. Different types of keywords have their respective importance as you use them in your website’s content for enhanced SEO.

If you do not remove the redundant keywords and add new ones, your content will look obsolete, and you won’t be able to target the audience correctly. Writing fresh and new texts sounds more feasible as you cannot forcefully add the keywords to the content. To come up fresh and more relevant keywords, seeking the help of upscale tools as below would be helpful in this regard:

  • Semrush
  • Seomoz
  • Google Search Console
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • KeywordTool.io

3. Frequent content update is one of significant Google’s ranking criteria

Over the years, Google’s ranking algorithm has changed significantly. To ensure the monitoring of live websites carefully and adequately, Google has introduced many new rules in its algorithm. It is thus important to create fresh content in order to adhere to these terms. Failure to do so won’t help you meet the ranking criteria, and your online popularity might dwindle over time as well.

Besides, when you change the contents, you remove redundancies and discrepancies. When the crawler program visits your website, it can witness new texts and therefore, you will have more leverage on SERPs. In addition, Googlebot organizes the live websites based on the type of content present and then adds the new ones to the index block of the search engine. Therefore, unless you develop quality and frequent content, you won’t be able to come within the radar of Googlebot.

4. Updated content may give you a higher domain authority

Authority is a critical metric that determines the trustworthiness and reliability of your website. It is crucial for almost every digital business to have more domain authority so that their websites can be visible at the top results of the search engines. However, achieving such a high authority index is a daunting task, especially when you leave your website as a static platform.

Uploading new and fresh content will give you the leverage to attract more audiences. Make sure that the content you add is relevant and provides information that relates to the relevant requirement of your customers. Even though the process is time-consuming, uploading new content frequently might make your website an authority site on Google. This will also increase the visibility of your website on the search engines.

5. Keeping your audience engaged is possible with new content

Another critical importance of fresh content is enhancing customer engagement and retention. Adding new and relevant information will compel your targeted audience to find out what you have added. Keeping pace with this practice of making fresh content will help you keep the customers engaged and gain more leads. Consequently, it will enhance the conversion ratio and improve your website’s visibility in the search engines.

Key takeaways

Merely adding or updating content to the website’s UI will be the half work done. Instead, you will need to keep adding new blogs and articles frequently, changing the Meta descriptions, marketing campaign contents, etc. to increase the visibility of the search engines. This will also increase the indexing chances of your website on a regular basis. Just the opposite, ignoring the urgency of adding fresh content to the website will lead you to a whirlwind of failures in this hypercompetitive market.

It is therefore wise to keep your website updated with fresh, meaningful and quality content. While this will enhance the credibility of your website among your audiences, it will also bring it to the good books of search engine crawlers. To include fresh content to your website, you can always approach Puneet.ae – the ultimate name in the digital marketing domain.

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