17 Reasons Your Website is Failing At SEO, And How To Fix

25 April 2022

Companies always want to have a high organic ranking on Google. However, they often do not put in the effort required and fail to get the expected results. So what are the probable reasons for failing at SEO campaigns?  

What are the reasons that companies fail at SEO campaigns?

Many reasons account for the miserable performance of SEO campaigns on the search engines, which eventually lead to heavy losses for the businesses. Here is an insight into some of them:

1. Companies do not collaborate with an appropriate agency

More than 80% of the companies today outsource all the content for their website. But sometimes, these organizations do not choose the appropriate agency to create the content. Writing content with the knowledge of SEO is essential. Hence, it is wise to outsource content from a suitable partner.

2. Companies opt for cheap service

When you outsource your content requirement, never settle for a cheap option. People often treat content advertising as a commodity but that should not be the case. Most SEO agencies deliver their services at a comparably much cheaper price. If you opt for such agencies, your SEO ranking will likely suffer dramatically.

3. Working with SEO vendors that use backlinks from bad domains

If companies hire cheap SEO partners, you are bound to get bad outcomes. There is a full market dedicated to just exchanging SEO links. Implementing cheap underground market service is damaging and at the worst, Google can even blacklist your website.

4. Focusing on the quantity of traffic rather than its quality

Having a good SEO campaign does not imply that your website gets huge traffic. The focus should be on obtaining relevant and quality traffic. Companies must focus on the target audience and the time they spend on their website. Quality traffic should be the aim over quantity.

5. Not being aware of keyword research

The aim is to convert one-time website visitors into permanent users. To actually go for the target audience, you must focus on purchase-oriented vs. educational oriented content. Make sure to use keywords that align with the theme of your website. You can use various advanced tools for keyword research for best results.

6. Favorable SEO results succumb in the long run

You cannot expect to get an organic Google ranking overnight. SEO and Google algorithms do not work that way. It is necessary that companies put in continuous efforts and use persistent keywords to see positive results. A half-hearted strategy would backfire and thwart your goal of getting long term SERPs

7. Failing to fix the underlying site-specific problems

Apart from backlinks or good content, SEO includes A/B testing, implementing analytics, and a few tweaks. Therefore, you must fix any issue with these aspects of SEO. Otherwise, you would not get the desired results.

8. Lack of marketing brand images

SEO campaigns are worthy only if the content of your website has any relevance to your target population. Additionally, you need to make sure your content has time relevance. Finally, your audience would be relevant only if you can establish your online marketing persona. So, you should act accordingly.

9. Attempting to get ranking for impossible keywords

People search for content online using several types of keywords in great variation. Many companies aim to get rankings for certain impossible keywords. These keywords are not likely to get your high rankings in SEO. Therefore, avoid the usage of unusual keywords to get organically good rankings.

10. Lack of content optimization

Publishing an article is not the end of the business; there is more to it. For example, the content you publish may rank for more than one keyword you use. Hence, you must keep a tab on those keywords and modify the content by adding extra sections. But the content also needs to be equally relevant.

11. Failing to put out regular content updates

Stale content on Google does not go very well. You must update your website content at regular intervals. Add new sections and make sure your article is relevant to the time and audience.

12. Absence of website optimization for a better user experience

Many companies rely solely on SEO. However, getting a good ranking requires you to have both professional SEO usage and a good content strategy. If the website layout is not easy to navigate or not attractive to the audience you will rarely get the intended traffic. Content strategy helps in getting more website visitors and piques their interest.

13. Lack of cross-link between the service provided and the website content

Clients should be aware of the services that your company offers. Therefore, you need to provide relevant links to your services to the content that you publish.

14. Absence of relevant landing pages

After a visitor reads the content about your company, what if he expresses interest in your services? Your content must have relevant landing sites from where the site visitor gets relevant information. Landing sites are routes to contact visitors to your website and retain them as permanent clients.

15. Companies failing to retarget their content

One of the common problems is that companies fail to retain a visitor and convert them into loyal clients. One way to do so is to retarget the content. This means that you can know people who have visited your website advertisements. Companies can retarget their content through Google ads and add banners to their landing pages.

16. Lack of integration of content marketing with social media

To integrate social media and content marketing properly, you need to have relevant threads. Moreover, you must comment back with a link to your actual article.

17. Failing to measure content performance

You must include advanced analytics in your blog to get a positive ROI. A few common content measuring tools are click-through rates, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

Wrapping Up!

You might not get overnight results even after using SEO professionally. However, you can avoid failure at SEO campaigns and get high organic rankings with patience and persistence. To get a feasible response from your SEO efforts, approaching Puneet.ae would be worthwhile. The renowned digital marketing agency holds dexterity in attaining the targeted goals through a win-win SEO campaign.

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