The Role of UX in Implementing Your SEO Strategy with Success

7 March 2022

UX design makes up for a proliferating avenue for the web design and development industry. It has a great future that relies upon today’s performance and is an important aspect to consider by businesses. A better user experience is not only easy but also widely preferred for business opportunities. When combined with a well-thought SEO strategy, it works effectively in optimizing the products as well as services. Here is more on the importance of UX in devising the fruitful SEO strategy. But before that, let’s have a brief intro about SEO. 

Know the SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a set of practices and tools that helps in improving the ranks. It plays an essential role in the positioning of web pages in organic search results. The motive of SEO is to improve the quantity of qualitative website traffic by hitting the unpaid traffic instead of paid ones. Two main features of a website with respect to SEO include:

  • Website’s positioning and appearance: Decide the engagement level of the audience
  • Clicks received by websites: Determine the popularity of businesses.     

When it comes to sprucing up the performance of a website, white hat SEO is always helpful. Though SEO is a long-run game, you need constant input updates to stabilize and improve the performance. Equally important is the role of user-friendly UX. Gaining ranking is not that daunting task, but it does consume considerable time. It is therefore advisable to hire the services of a professional SEO agency to deliver the expected results by leveraging a perfect combination of User experience and SEO.

SEO and UX

You can promote your business through paid advertisements and other mediums. But it is always smarter to get more customers by utilizing the resources in the best way. From sales to brand recognition, smart business decisions are always fruitful. A SEO strategy and user experience (UX) together can help your business grow appreciably and hence improve the search experience optimization.

While searching for UX on Google, you can find several results. But more likely, you will click only the top four or five results on the first page. Since SEO is all about making your web page rank higher in search engines, the algorithms are important to consider.

The importance of Google

Google always gives high importance to great user experience, which is the ability to provide what the user really wants to see and search. The unerring algorithms of search engines evaluate whether the particular content and the associated user experience is helpful for the user.

If you see things through the SEO perspectives, user experience has emerged as a game-changer for various businesses. Therefore, businesses are today focusing more on creating user-friendly content instead of making them more relevant for the search engines. Any project is a mix of the efforts of a team. UX designers and SEO experts should therefore work thoroughly to justify a project.

An important example in this regard is the RankBrain algorithm, which is an important signal to connect the Search Engine Optimization and User Experience. Google provides this RankBrain algorithm to track user interactions and understand queries. This further helps in assessing user satisfaction by leveraging several UX signals.

Attaining an accentuated search experience optimization

The UX of a website encompasses everything that a business really needs for a better customer experience, from design to layout. Likewise, quality content, keywords, and backlinks to the web pages are important parts of search engine optimization. Here are more factors about search experience optimization:

1. Mobile responsiveness

People use mobile phones regularly and sometimes even more than desktops. This is the time when businesses should focus more on having mobile-friendly websites. As an instant measure, the UX designers should care to add more interactive and user-friendly layouts. This facilitates smooth mobile SEO and contributes toward enhanced search engine rankings.

2. Loading time

As a user, we all bounce if a page takes much loading time. A survey says that around 37% of visitors bounce if it takes time to get loaded. They abandon in-between if the response is not faster. Some stats apparently present the ratio of users who avoid lazy websites. The programmers and developers have found a way to keep them engaged. The speed of the page always has an SEO factor and UX signal. They together optimize the speed of the webpage and make sure that it gets loaded faster.

3. Navigation comfort

UX designers conduct proper research for making navigation easier and improving the user experience. Obviously, users never appreciate if the navigation is bad. If they have trouble navigating through your website, they may abandon it. Losing the users’ interest due to bad experiences can influence your presence online negatively. Seeking the help of SEO experts would be advisable here, as they focus on better navigation by offering creative solutions.

4. Content visibility

When talking about visibility of the content, headings are a superb way for the same. The experts create and implement SEO strategies using keywords for better User Experience and SEO performance. Using heading is an important aspect in this regard, because:

  • They help the visitors in identifying the content.
  • They enable a business to enhance the number of visitors as well as leads. 

Indeed, UX can exhibit better SEO performance; all you need is an expert SEO professional to streamline the strategies.


Summing up, UX design can be of immense importance in enhancing the usability of a website and thus increase traffic. The UX designers hence care to improve the aesthetic side of your business website by

  • Using optimized videos and images
  • Adding call to action at appropriate places
  • Including clear headers
  • Proper formatting of the content to make it readable
  • Adding links to relatable and relevant content

All these factors play their part in making the SEO efforts more relevant. As a result, you can ensure your website to be more mobile responsive, faster and easy to navigate. All these efforts when combined together ensure better SERPs. Thus, UX indeed plays an integral role in driving a win-win SEO strategy or you can say that it enhances search experience optimization.

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