Top 8 Reasons to Keep it Simple When Designing Your Website

28 March 2022

Your website gives you just a few seconds to leave behind an impression on your visitors. If it manages to enthrall the attention of your potential customer instantly, chances are brighter for them to become your loyal visitors for a long. Just the opposite, if your website is unappealing, there will be no reason for anyone to stick with it. As per a survey, 48% of the respondents cited website design to be the foremost reason behind the credibility of a business. Check out 8 Reasons to Keep it Simple When Designing Your Website.

8 Reasons to Keep it Simple When Designing Your Website

Of course, your website acts as your digital storefront, and you should try every possible measure to give it a professionally appealing appearance. But trying too hard to design your website can backfire. The trick is to keep it simple, easy to comprehend, and well-organized.

Clean Design – Your ticket to acquiring more clients

Here are more reasons to have faith in a simple website design instead of one stuffed with unwanted graphics and redundant elements.

1) Easy to Navigate

A simply designed website will avoid unnecessary diversion of user attention. Moreover, visitors having time constraints will prefer skipping the website if they are unable to find the content they are looking for. The need is hence to avoid unnecessary elements and simplify your design to the minimum possible clutter. This will make it easy for the user to navigate the website and go through the content that concerns them the most. Just to cite an example, using maximum white space in the design can make it easy for the visitor to comprehend the website within minutes.

2) Aesthetic appeal

You might have often visited websites overstuffed with popups, advertisements, etc. Unless it is too important, you would prefer to leave any such website. Isn’t it? Be aware that it hardly takes .05 seconds for a user to make an opinion about your website once the page loads. Indeed, No one wants to see a website filled with sales pitches. In the wake of getting increased conversions and revenues, they end up being a failure.

If you couldn’t tolerate visiting any such type of website design, you should not use such instances in your website as well. The idea is to avoid being flashy and adopt a minimalistic approach that could give relevant information to the customers. Do not try hard to sell them your products or services. Just focus on maintaining aesthetics and blend the call to action (CTA) with the website layout. This will make your website more noticeable for good reasons.

3) Quicker page load time

An increased Page load time affects the bounce rate directly. As per reports, a web page taking 4 seconds to load results in a 100% rise in the website’s bounce rate. Naturally, this affects the SEO as well as the user experience. A simple website design with no carousel slider, optimized graphics, and minified JavaScript and CSS files holds the key to speeding up your website. Prominent search engines like Google consider page load time as one of the major factors to calculate website ranking. A simple web design can therefore ensure higher Search Engine Page Ranking (SERP) as well.

4) A minimal web design is timeless

Custom website designs are like fashion; their trends keep changing with time. So, if you find a particular trend cool, quite likely it will become outdated after a certain period. To keep sticking with the continuously changing trends, you will also need to keep changing your website frequently. Ask yourself! Would it be beneficial? No! Perhaps, minimal design is the ultimate solution that will make your website look relevant irrespective of the time lapse. It will definitely help your business to gain the success you expect from your website. So, it is better to confide in a simple website design instead of following the so-called ‘cool’ trends.

5) Responsive web design

The growing consumption of mobile devices has affected the way people browse through websites significantly. With mobile devices accounting for a staggering 48% of the total views on web pages, desktops have taken a back seat. The need to make your website responsive has thus become obvious. Notably, it is easier to translate a simple website design on a mobile device instead of a cluttered design. It will have lesser design elements and reduced things to tackle, thus making the design more flexible.

As an alternative, you might experiment with separate websites for desktop and mobile devices respectively. But, this will only increase your liabilities in terms of website optimization and operational cost. A simple design is hence always a better and much-preferred option. Those already adopting this tactic have succeeded appreciably and are setting examples for others to follow. Are you the one?

6) Improved conversion rate

Are you concerned with only your website and least interested in conversions? Of course not! Your website is the face of your business and you would surely expect it to execute the deliverables. Giving priority to a simple website design can help you to attain this coveted goal. A minimalistic design will depict your sincerity for your brand and succeed in communicating your message with ease. You may however use over-the-top graphics, out-of-the-box color schemes, and flashy graphics on your website, but only for some specific elements. These may include a CTA button, subscription form, or contact form. Else, it would be better to keep the design simple throughout the website.

7) Builds trust among your visitors

A website with dense graphics and a complicated design is least likely to win the trust of your visitors. As a result, it will affect parameters like customer acquisition, lead conversion, and revenue generation. The main point here is to build trust among your customers and a minimalistic design is the best way to do so. Using ample white space and a simplistic layout would be a preferable strategy in this regard. Besides, also make sure to focus on only one element at a time, without mingling the things together. Keeping your website clean will only inculcate trust and confidence in your visitors, thereby leading to increased online sales.

8) Simple design looks more professional

People are more likely to do business with a website that looks professional, and you can achieve this effect with a simple design. Moreover, you can also save big with a simple and professional-looking site, since you won’t require much space to host limited images. The practice to have a simple design will also ease the server workload largely. This will be unlike the websites that upload a hefty amount of images and videos, which in turn require more space for hosting the multimedia content. The hosting companies will ask for extra bucks for increased storage and their charges are not that cost-effective either. In fact, a simple website can stop you from spending thousands of dollars that you might otherwise require to host your heavy website.


Irrespective of your industry, confiding in a simple website design will prove to be the smartest of your business strategies. It can help to improve conversions, ensure a better user experience and save big on website hosting while giving a professional look to your website. Obviously, it will appreciate your credibility in terms of high SEO rankings as well. If you need assistance to make your website simple,, the best Branding Agency in Dubai is always there to help you out. Feel free to approach us with your requirements; we will be prompt to respond to your queries.

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