The Pros and Cons of using a Website Builder and When to Use Them

21 February 2022

Websites are the building blocks of a digitally operational business. Even organizations with a larger presence in the real world can bridge the gap between the digital and the real world with websites. No wonder, in the world of web pages, a company needs an exceptional blend of creativity and technical knowledge to create a relevant website. But using Website Builders helps you save considerable time, resources, and tools. This boils down to hiring a good coding and creative team especially if you want to build a website from scratch.

Your website should aim to create a unique platform to connect with visitors and customers. According to studies, 57% of visitors do not recommend a badly designed webpage to others. However, companies and small-scale businesses often lack the resources and funds to create websites from scratch. Such companies need to go for website builders.

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The Pros and Cons of Website Builders and When to Use Them

What are website builders?

A website builder is an application program that provides technical tools to non-tech users to create websites with ease. Website builders come with a set of inbuilt templates and styles that you can choose from. It also offers technical and creative tools to build your website smartly. Despite being an easy option for website creation, website builders have respective pros and cons. As a user, you must be aware of these pros and cons before using these tools.

Pros of Website builders

Here are the plus points of availing the facility of website builders.

1. Cost-effective solutions

Website builders are a cost-effective solution to the resource and skill crunch that companies often face. Many website builders are available free of cost and are easy to use without worrying about financial investment. Other website builders work for a monthly fee. Since website builders offer numerous tools under one application, the costs reduce dramatically.

On the other hand, the design costs also diminish greatly. Without using a website builder, a company needs a separate design team and a coding team. The cost of hiring these two teams runs high for almost every company. Even without hiring, the cost of outsourcing the website building assignment is higher. Therefore, a good website builder is often the most affordable option for creating a website.

2. It saves time and effort

The amount of skill and time that channelizes into creating a website is high. In addition, the workforce necessary for designing, conceptualizing, and coding a website is more than the skill needed for a website builder. Similarly, the brainstorming sessions necessary for creating and improving the website concepts are also time-consuming. The use of a website builder reduces time and effort considerably. At times, it can help you to create a webpage within an hour, without the need for coding.

3. Easy to operate and publish

Webpages involve several technicalities when the creation starts from scratch. However, using a website builder, the creation process simplifies. Users create websites easily with a few clicks and taps. A website builder is easy when the user is clear about what he wants on the web page. Once you have a vision and purpose for your website, designing and creating it becomes simple with a website builder. The process of creating a website with human resources and skills is challenging otherwise. Your company is likely to face challenges from the hiring part to the testing part of the website.

4. Ready-made features

When the creation process starts from scratch, your company has to build the features from the start. You will need to conceptualize and create features best suited for the website. However, the features are ready-made and available for a website builder. The user simply selects the features and includes them in the website framework. You can create the website without further investments in resources.

Cons of Website builders

After going through the positive aspects of confiding in website builders, here are some of its cons as well. Nevertheless, considering the multifarious benefits of website builders, these demerits are simply next to negligible.

1. Generic in nature

Website builders do offer many templates to choose from. However, the application creates a similar type of website for every business. The use of predetermined templates for website design gives a generic look to the website. Website builders often restrict you from creating unique, creative websites. With the help of an appealing website, the brand stands out from the crowd of brands. The use of a website builder diminishes the chance of this novelty. As per stats, 38% of users stop using a website if it is unattractive. Moreover, website builders can hardly create engaging websites with generic designs

2. No room for feature customization

The website builder offers a range of features for use on the website. However, in an era of customization, it does not allow any room to create new and original features. Websites serve multiple and new purposes today. The feature range is also on the road to expansion. When the company relies on a team of professionals, they create new features with the help of experimentation. There is a way to channel feedback actively into the website creation with a team.

3. Hidden costs

While website builders are available at no cost and are easy to use, they limit the possibilities with the website. The company then hires a team to add features and improvise the website to expand the features and possibilities. Instead, the company can directly hire a team of web development professionals.

When to use them

A website builder is a tool for use when there is a lack of resources and time. If the company has to float a functional website urgently, a website builder is the best option. Using it would be ideal when there is a staff or skill crunch, and your company does not want to outsource.


You can have multiple reasons to use a website builder or to avoid them. The truth is that website builders are great tools for digitization. It is of great use when your company lacks the resources and skillset to create one from scratch. However, before creating a website with the help of a website builder, ensure that the builder is a high-quality one.

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