Top 10 Features you should better remove from a website Design

21 March 2022


In a digital world where around 75% of website visitors judge the credibility of a business on its design, creating a bad impression is no less than a sin. Of course, your website gives digital identity to your business and you should be careful enough to give it a suave look. While a website with an aesthetically appealing appearance can turn the fortunes in your favor, a bad design would only affect your business adversely.

Myriad reasons account for the failure or rejection of your website design, which in turn brings disappointment. Here are the top 10 Features you should better remove from a website design. If you are into one or more of these, it would be better to rethink your web design strategy.

Reasons behind Web Design Failure

Here is an inspection of factors that account for the bad performance of your web design. Let’s start with the page loading factor.

website design

1) Page Loading

As per a survey, 79% expressed their inability to shop from a website that takes too much time to load. Several design elements like stock photography, animated graphics, sliders, etc., altogether as the culprit behind this flaw. An easy solution would be to avoid clutter and make your design as simple as possible.

2) Complex Navigation

Once the customers leave your website in disappointment, chances are less likely for them to revisit your page. Factors like broken links, intense navigation, gaudy colors, complicated web forms, and more, can hence prove detrimental to your website. If your rivals can come up with a comparably better design and easy navigation, you may well end up losing the tough competition.

3) Inexperienced Designers

Outsourcing your web design task is a wise move if you are sure about the authenticity and credibility of the concerned web design company. To save a few bucks, if you hire an inexperienced individual or a less promising start-up to work on the design and development of your website, you will have only yourself to blame for the discouraging results.

4) No Quality Testing

Do you care to carry out quality checks for your website? If not, then it is high time to do so. Test your website on all the possible parameters and devices to find out issues related to functionality, browser compatibility, or several device-specific problems, if any.

This will make your site productive and generate favorable results for your business. Yet again, expert designers can take care of this responsibility with due diligence and sincerity owing to their exposure to upscale design tools and technologies. Hence, seeking their help in quality testing can save you from design failure.

5) Non-Responsive Design

The world is rapidly heading toward the small screen from the bigger ones. Smartphones and tabs are grabbing the lion’s share of the time spent online worldwide. Stats reveal an increase of 25% in the time that consumers spend on smartphones in the last five years.

Moreover, people across the globe access the internet more through mobile devices (51%) than via desktops (41%). Of these, Africa has a maximum of 70% of users. Asia is the next with 63% and Europe secures the third spot with 51% of users of mobile devices. This much data is sufficient to understand the importance of responsive web design. If you are still relying on the separate mobile website, it is just a waste of money and can bar you from tapping the immense potential of responsive design

6) Misleading design

As they say, ‘less is more, the same holds for web designs. Yes, simple websites are more likely to grab the attention of potential visitors at very first sight. If you have a feature-rich website with a simplistic design, it can prove to be a boon for your business. Just the opposite, companies that try too hard and consider simple design harmful to their business can in fact end up damaging their online reputation.

7) Copied Design

It is fine to get inspired by a design while you create a new one. Nevertheless, copying it in its entirety for your website will only affect its reputation adversely. You might realize the response of your visitors in terms of low ratings, negative reviews, high bounce rates, etc. All this will ultimately lead to a drop in your search engine rankings and thus an extensively reduced business.

8) Unappealing CTA

A call To Action (CTA) in the form of a button or a link, etc., is important as it prompts your visitors to buy your products or services. Taking care of color, design, font, shadows, text, and everything else related to a CTA is hence imperative. If it fails to enthrall the attention of your targeted visitors, it fails the purpose of your website. So, are you doing enough to create click-worthy CTAs? If not, let’s start working on it right away.

9) Poor Content

Your web design should gel well with the content of the website. If you are not able to furnish the information that your customers want, an attractive web design could be of little help. The need is hence to include thorough research content that appeals to the audiences and compels them to act in favor of your business. This way, you will also get more online recommendations and an increased number of loyal customers.

10) Improper Management

Taking decisions on various design and development aspects needs to be a team effort. Your project management team should sit together to discuss and come up with a flexible strategy for your website project. Having bad management or doing things all alone could ruin your business goals badly unless you are too good or have a restricted customer base. The assistance of a UX architect who prefers applying a modern design approach instead of the obsolete one would further improve your website performance.


As you could infer, having a website is just half the job done. Instead, you need to work on it with due care to create an overwhelming online presence. A wise move would be to invest considerable time and effort in the website to save your organization from failure due to bad design. Hiring the services of an expert web design company could work effectively in this regard., the best Branding Agency in Dubai can help you with all your web design requirements. Hence, make your selection wisely and come up with a web design that makes it irresistible for your visitors to take actions that could benefit your business.

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