Website Design – The Importance Of First Impression!

17 August 2021

Your website is your very own piece of digital real estate. Imagine yourself as a shop owner trying to attract customers. You would try to make your shop look as organized and pretty as possible. Right? You would make sure that the shopkeeper is cordial with the customers and the visitors can maneuver the shop on their own with ease.

With a website, it is no different. You have to make it pleasing to the eye, easy to manoeuvre and have interesting content so that the visitor stays on your page for a long time.

A study by Google confirmed that it only takes 50 milliseconds for a user to formulate a strong opinion about your website once they’ve landed on it. In short, the better the first impression, the more they will readily stay!

Why Is the First Impression So Important?

People are bound to make quick judgments, and websites are no exception. There are various factors that the first impression of your company depends on that includes the color scheme, fonts, layout, images, and content.

Your website should be a mirror image of your brand, designed by keeping your audience in mind, ensuring an improved user experience. When it comes to a website, particular areas draw users attention the most:

While it may take a fraction of a second to fall in love with a website, it might take less than that to move to a second one altogether. On record, it only takes 5-7 views to “vibe” with the logo. Your company’s logo is the face of your brand and hence is very important.

Since our brain processes images much faster, your company’s logo is the easiest yet trickiest part of website design. Make sure that it gels well with the rest of the website. It all needs to be cohesive.

2. Website Navigation

Once the visitor is on your website, he will probably browse in an “F pattern” that scales out the information better and makes it easier to scan from top to bottom. Keeping this in mind, design your website by placing the most influential parts on the top and on the left side corner where the visitor is mainly focused on.

If the user knows what they are precisely looking for, they find a particular piece of content. In such a situation, they tend to abandon the F pattern and jump directly onto that specific area without giving much importance to other places. This is where landing pages come in handy as they are specially designed for a purpose and hold limited information only.

And, this is also why it’s a good idea to have sub-headings for everything on your website. That way, a visitor can find exactly what they are looking for without going through the whole thing.

3. The Hero Image

Images draw attention better than words. The main image on the website establishes an overall impression of your website in the back of users’ minds that serves many purposes, such as translating the brand’s story or forcing the visitor to be a user.

The images on the landing page are a substantial contributing factor in visitor retention. These images should be highly professional, fast loading, and convey the brand’s aesthetics and purpose very well.

4. The Content

Visual images are essential, but the charm of great content never fades. A study by Missouri University says that users spent almost equal time when it comes to written content and visual images. The images draw visitors, but the content keeps them.

It can convey more nuanced information like the tone, personality, and technical information about the brand.

Why Is Website Designing So Important?

Once you are done designing or launching your product, you wonder if it is essential to design a website. Our answer to this is a big yes. If you want to create an impact in the market, developing a website that you’re genuinely proud of is the key to turning your business into an accessible brand. If a random person hears your product’s name, they should be able to look it up and read about it from a credible source. And since you are the most credible source in this situation, you would have to make it available to the customer online. The best way to do that is by designing a website for your brand.

Below, we have curated five different reasons that will convince you to design a website today. So, let us dive in!

1. Your Brand’s First Impression

Would you dress shabbily for an interview? Probably not. Why? Because you do not want them to make negative assumptions about you based on what you are wearing. Strolling into an interview with your sweatpants might signal to your interviewer that you are not serious about the job. That is why most people prefer to look put together for a job.

It is the same with your website.

A first impression is hard to change as it sticks with you forever. Once your audience is on your website, they are ready with their nerdy glasses to judge your brand through your website within seconds. It’s up to you whether you want them to leave with a positive impression in mind or something awful.

A good website design will make your brand look appealing. And if nothing, it would let the user know that you care. You care enough about your brand to make it look and sound good.

If your website looks outdated and boring, it signals that you probably didn’t care enough to do your market research and set proper brand guidelines. In such a situation, you’re missing out on potential leads.

On the contrary, designing a website with a color scheme, great content, and visual appeal will positively impact your audience and generate consumer interest.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

How did you stumble upon the last website you visited? It was probably through Google or some other search engine. Search engines are the key to driving traffic to your website because chances are, a customer is simply looking for what your website offers, not your website itself. In that case, you have to compete with other websites offering similar services or content to get the visitor’s screen time.

Many web design elements directly influence your website’s content, which affects your website’s search engine index. If your SEO fundamentals are not on-point, your website might not show up on the first few pages of Google, thus not getting the chunk of visitors that searched your content online.

To prevent that, it’s always advisable to partner with a website design agency and let professionals handle these complex tasks.

3. An Insight Into Customer Services

A date that didn’t make an effort to meet you probably doesn’t like you all that much. The effort is an excellent gauge of interest. And interest indicates how that person will treat you.

It is the same with people who visit your website.

A website is an image of your brand and your attitude towards people. Your visitors can judge how you will treat them by looking at your website’s design. If you lose interest while designing and building, they tend to sense it and lose interest too.

Your website is a customer service representative that needs to be bright, pleasing, modern and welcoming. If you are still stuck to an outdated website, it makes your business appear cold and gives the impression that you don’t value them enough.

Generate Trust

Trust is the most significant aspect of any business, but a poorly designed website lacking colors and regular updation may seem shady most of the time. Imagine all the shady websites that displayed ads for “Hot Singles In Your Area.” The very sight of the website makes you feel uneasy because you do not trust it. Good design and welcoming content that doesn’t deter from the subject at hand are essential.

In short, create a website that helps you to build a relationship with your audience so that an accidental visitor trunks into a regular customer without a second thought.

1. Be A Step Ahead Of Your Competitors.

No matter what business you’re in, you can never underestimate your competition. It is a common mistake people make. That is why you need to present only the best version of your brand and product.

If you need a reason why to build an attractive website, we have got it for you. “Your competitors are doing it too, and now.” If you want to remain in the competition, you will have to stay current and updated.

“Do not try to be better than others, but try to be the best version of yourself” Your website is a golden opportunity for you to set your business apart and ahead in the game. A website that contains all unique features gives a reason to your audience why they should choose you over others. Be that reason and let your website lead your success.

Final Verdict

Designing a website is not a hit-and-trial method; it’s a mandatory element of your brand. It is the only way a customer can hear/see your brand whenever or wherever they are. Therefore, it’s crucial to analyze and understand your audience’s needs first and land on a solution that works the best for your business. A good design will not help sell the product and services, but it will generate interest in the public eye.

Considering that online shopping is the demand of the time, there’s no denying that after a bad experience, it’s hard to get back to the same website. If your website is not consistent with its services and isn’t attractive enough to hold visitors’ interest, remember, you’re losing a deal. Therefore, build a website that makes your online presence worthy.

If you are looking for professionals to do the job for you, Code&Co is here, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in website designing. Our team of experts have years of experience behind them in ranking websites on the first page of Google. We know how to drive traffic to your website by making it pleasing to the visitor, both visually and value-wise.

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