Have You Ever Wondered Why Does Original Content Matter for SEO

25 March 2022

Among the countless contents available over the internet, not all get similar types of responses. As per stats, around 90.63% of contents available online do not get any traffic from Google. While some contents perform exceedingly well, others struggle hard to enthrall people’s attention.

One of the main reasons for such a difference is the originality of the contents. In order to stand out unique, it is important to create original content. If you are already doing so, you are well on track. As per another study, about 58% of marketers opine that original content can outdo videos and other visuals. This further echoes the importance of original content for your business. 

Termed as content auditing, this entire process helps businesses in multiple ways. Going forward, you will see how audits have made SEO realistic. You will also learn about the entire auditing process in order to better perform in your organic presence.

Original content for SEO

Are you still wondering whether original content is essential for SEO? The answer is a big ‘yes.’ Original content is highly important from the SEO point of view. Google and all the other search engines appreciate and reward originality. The main aim of Google is to deliver useful and valuable information to its users. Therefore, in order to enhance the ranking of your content on Google, your priority must be to write something useful for your target audience. 

The content you offer must not be a duplicate copy of something already available over the internet. Instead, you must ensure its uniqueness and alongside, it should be able to add more value to the existing information. In other words, you must write original content to rank high on Google. In addition, it should also appeal to potential readers alike.

Is your SEO strategy content rich?

Writing original content must be a part of your SEO strategy, as Google only recognizes original content. Moreover, its algorithm works in a manner to bring only the quality content on the top of the search result. 

Earlier, people used to create duplicate content through the spun technique. It is all about taking up already existing content and twisting it in a way to make it look different and unique. Many might still be using this black hat technique. However, Google no longer accepts such content.

The upgraded Google algorithms eliminate the duplicate and low-quality contents from the search results. The search engine also punishes the website for using duplicate content by lowering its search engine rankings.

Therefore, if you want your content to rank high, crafting fresh, unique, and original content ought to be an integral part of your SEO strategy without any compromise.

What comes under original content?

Now that you know the importance of original content for SEO, you must be thinking about what Google actually counts as original content. These few pointers are worth knowing for the same:

  • The main idea behind original content is to provide value to the readers.
  • When your content shows proficiency in a topic and is unique, it comes under the original content category. 
  • Writing something about a completely new topic is definitely original content. However, it does not have to be new all the time.
  • Writing about an already existing topic from a different angle or point of view is also original. Providing an overview of the existing information is also an original content.
  • At times, restructuring existing content in a proper format is original as well.

Tips to create original content

Coming up with original content may seem challenging at first. However, it is not! It may take time to create original content, but it is not an impossible task. Here are some of the effective tips that can help you in creating original content. 

Know your target audience

When trying to write original content, the foremost step is to determine your target audience. It is not possible to write an ideal content that gains the applause of the readers. It is because the taste and preferences differ from individual to individual. So, you need to identify a specific group of audience to target. 

Once you know your target audience, here is what you could do:

  • Create the profile of these targeted audiences
  • Note down their search intent
  • Analyze their areas and topics of interest
  • Know their preferences

This will enable you to take up interesting topics for your target audience and help to engage them better. Be aware that knowing your target audience is the key to crafting unique and original content.

Research other blogs and websites

Another way to create original content is to spend significant time doing research on your competitors’ websites, blogs, articles, etc. in your niches. Go through their blogs and articles and find out what is missing. Once you identify the missing areas, you can take up that topic and create original content. It will ensure that your content offers value to the readers, thereby enhancing your SEO rankings.

Try to provide solutions

Another excellent way of writing original content is by providing a solution to the common problems that your audiences are facing. While people have the perception that only products or services can solve the problems of individuals, content can do the same as well.

All you need is to identify the pain points or problems of your target audience. Create content in order to address the problem and provide appropriate solutions. When you provide a unique perspective to the problem, Google will count it as original content and help you rank high. 

Keywords and backlinks

Keywords comprise an important element of any content. Try to look for keywords that your target audience uses while searching on Google. Adding relevant content can enhance the quality as well as the value of your content. Moreover, back linking can also increase the content’s authenticity and credibility. To drive more traffic, make sure to add high-quality links. At the same time, avoid adding too many links to your content.


Original content is highly important to rank high on the Google search engine. Now that you know how to create original content, enhancing your SEO ranking will be relatively easier. It would be good to leverage effective strategies and boost the SEO ranking of your content! If you are looking for a seasoned content writing specialist to assist your cause, you can always seek the services of Puneet.ae

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