Why 55% of visitors spend less than 15 sec on your website?

4 January 2022

Do you know, more than half of your website visitors stay for less than 15 seconds? Don’t you wish to learn the reason behind it? You surely do! But the fact is you don’t implement the approach to determine the flaws in your website. If your business depends on people visiting your website and staying over it to purchase your products or service, or even to share the content, you should care about this time factor on priority!

The failure of websites – A statistical Insight

Several online professions, such as journalism, demand the success of website content based upon the number of people reading or sharing it. So, if 55% of people are not even staying over your website for 15 seconds, you should stop expecting to make a living out of your ‘informative content’. The websites and their owners are not doing enough to get enormous customer attention.

Stats on Ecommerce sites

As per another finding, released by ContentSquare Benchmark data, the bounce rate for eCommerce sites is 47%. This is the average statistic by the surveys and researches done across several sites. The bounce rate is when people skip your website or online content within a few seconds of landing over it. This statistic also states that the average bounce rate varies depending on the devices. The average bounce rate of eCommerce sites on the desktop is 43%, on mobile, it is 51%, and it is 45% for tablets.

The misconception

This is just the data upon ecommerce sites, whereas the B2B and the non-profit websites also have a higher bounce rate. People often have misconceptions about the way a website works. They assume that every visitor who clicks through their website is reading the content. You may track the staying time for a visitor over your website and count on it as a win. But there is always the possibility that the visitor was doing something else while the website was on halt.

Low conversion rate

Even with all of those tracking and monitoring results, the average conversion rate for a landing page is just 2.35%. The leading companies might be experiencing more conversions due to their brand value and many other reasons. But this data is for general or typical websites. So, irrespective of the problem and the solution, it is high time to work on the conversion rate with sincerity.

Problems with websites experiencing high bounce rates

If more than half of your visitors are bouncing off the website, there might be severe problems with it. Here are some of the probable reasons behind the same:

1. Poor Content

A web page with low-quality content usually creates a negative impression in the visitors’ minds. Users prefer not to navigate a website if its landing page lacks quality content.

2. Falling short of expectations

If your website ranks high in the search engine results with respect to the trending search requests, visitors will click your website with some expectations. Most of them would look for certain information over your site, for which they have found you in the first place. If the website fails to offer the right information, they would prefer to bounce off your website. Perhaps, they will switch over to the relevant sites that furnish the required information.

3. Incorrect meta descriptions and title tags

The meta tags and the titles need to speak for the content that is within the landing page of your website. They play a major role in setting up the users’ expectations. Many websites have meta titles and descriptions different from what is within the content. This leads to false expectations and increases the bounce rate.

4. Complex navigation

The bounce rate on your website will minimize if the visitors click on other web pages of your site. But if your website navigation is complex, the visitors won’t find the page they need to access. So, complex navigation is one evident reason that will force the visitors to reject your website.

The expected solutions for minimizing the bounce rate

Now that you are aware of the problems, it is time to dig out the solutions. Here are some things that you can do to minimize the bounce rate and genuinely make the visitors stay over your website.

1. Improve content readability

When you prepare the content for your website, make sure that the readability quotient is high. The content should target a mass audience and not just visitors with high language proficiency. Don’t put up too much text or use complex words, as that might just scare away the visitors. Keep it simple and understandable!

2. Eradicate the Pop-ups

Many website visitors believe that the irrelevant pop-ups annoy them on a website. Pop-ups make the navigation complex and increase bounce rate. So, it is essential to avoid them. The best thing you can do to avoid bounce rates is hence to stop flashing such disturbing pop-ups.

3. Implement storytelling

When you are putting up content over your website, make sure you are trying to tell your brand’s story. It captivates the mind of your target audience! But you must use this strategy well so that the readers get something to hook on. They usually scan the website or web page to look for something catchy. Use Storytelling as an ideal solution to put up something catchy!


Remember! Your website is the digital face of your business. You just cannot afford your potential visitors to turn away from your landing pages in a wink of any eye. It will only end up decreasing your online credibility and affect your conversation rate adversely.

It is hence imperative to care for the bounce rate of your website! If more people ignore your website or shut down the tab in just 15 seconds, you need to learn why! Alongside, you should utilise the measures to fix those problems in order to make your website more productive than ever!

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