Why Web Design is Important for the Growth of your Website: Top 5 Reasons

2 February 2022


Over the years, web design trends have evolved tremendously from traditional browser-specific design to responsive design for mobile devices. Designers today prefer focusing on the appearance, esthetic aspect, and layout, all of which together contribute to a flawless user experience. Ahead of their primitive avatars, the modern-day web designs are more inclined toward a selected audience and the concerned brand.

The better the design the more are the chances of your website to contribute to the exceptional growth of your business. Hence, the need is to do justice with your design, which in turn requires you to hire the services of a seasoned web designer, aware of the rapidly emerging design tools and platforms. Before proceeding further, it would be worthwhile to know about the standard website design methods

Adaptive and Responsive Methods

An adaptive design is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which can easily adapt to varied screen sizes. To create an adaptive design, the experts use numerous fixed layout sizes. The system singles out the most suitable web page layout for the screen after detecting the size of the browser. A responsive design can also adapt easily to varied screen sizes. Hence, you can consider it very much akin to adaptive design. The difference however lies in the movement of the content. While in adaptive design, the content abides by a fixed layout size, it can move dynamically according to the screen size in the responsive design.

In simple words, adaptive web design shortlists several fixed layouts and then selects the layout that befits the size of the current screen perfectly. The standard screen widths in an adaptive design include 1600, 1200, 960, 760, and 480 pixels.

Why Web Design is Important for the Growth of your Website: Top 5 Reasons

On the contrary, a responsive design is a fluid. It uses only a single layout and resizes it as per the respective screen size. According to the Worldwide Screen Resolution stats collected between Jan 2020 – Jan 2021, the most widely used resolutions for responsive websites include 1920×1080, 1366×768, 360×640, 414×896, 1536×864, and 375×667.

Whether adaptive or responsive, both designs leave behind an everlasting impression on the senses of the potential audiences. Depending on the suitability of your business, you can hire an expert web designer to come up with a suave, simple, and sleek web design in adaptive or responsive avatars, respectively.

Impact of an enticing web design

If designed with all the aspects in mind, they could contribute immensely to the growth and success of your business. Here is more on the aspects that you should adopt to make your web design appealing one. Not surprisingly, this will also make way toward creating your brand identity and generating more leads.

1) First Impression holds high importance

As per reports, around 38% of people will stop browsing through a website if they find its layout or content unpleasant. The design comprises an indispensable part of your website. An appealing website design creates a positive impact and goes on to create leads. Likewise, an unappealing design diverts the attention of the visitors toward other sites straight away, which may tend to lose prospective clients. In either case, the first impression of your web design holds a major say. If you want it to benefit your brand, you now have a better idea of how to proceed.

2) Do you care enough for your visitors?

Do you invest enough effort and time in your website design? If you wish to enthrall quality leads, you should do it on a priority basis. A website built with upscale trends in mind, while keeping simplicity at its best is more likely to grab maximum eyeballs and hence the leads. Moreover, through an enticing web design, you should be able to convince your audience that you care for them. As obvious, an outdated and unattractive website would do no good to your business. Instead, it can go on to harm the reputation of your company and make you accommodate the back seat in the stiff competition.

3) Trust building

Building trust through your website is essential if you want your visitors to feel comfortable and stay for a longer time on its web pages. Increased visiting time in turn could lead to better opportunities in terms of lead acquisition. On the other hand, web pages with outdated designs and flawed user experience will act as a big turn-off and will only repel the visitors from clicking through your website. The need is hence to build a professional website with due emphasis on a user-friendly, engaging, and esthetically appealing design. This will also help you to build trust among your targeted visitors.

4) Do you care enough for SEO-friendly design

A website designed with SEO aspects in mind makes it search-engine friendly. This also increases the chances of major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to crawl and index the website more often. The implementation of prominent SEO strategies in the web design process increases the chances of your web pages appearing at the top of the search page results. Several practices like proper keyword research, use of image tags, header tags, title tags and meta description, creation of optimized URL structure, visually appealing design, etc. contribute to your regime of an SEO-friendly website design.

5) Enhanced consistency

Think of Coca-cola and the combination of red and white instantly strikes your mind. Think of Amazon and its logo with ‘a’ and the arrow beneath surrounds your senses within no time. Your website should be just like that. The moment a visitor sees your logo or the choice of colors, it should remind him instantly of your business. The crux here is to maintain consistency in terms of fonts, color selection, styles, layouts, etc. throughout your website. This practice will contribute immensely toward creating a brand identity for your business, thus making way for increased leads and conversions. If your web pages have different formats, it will give an unprofessional look to your website and will tend the visitors to bypass it. Hence, the need is to have a professional website that emphasizes creating a brand identity and maintains consistency in its design throughout.

As you can sense, a web design created with sheer precision and interest can work wonders in ensuring the exponential growth of your business. Be it to maintain consistency in design, implement an SEO strategy, inculcate trust among the audiences, or create a long-lasting first impression on the visitors, all these factors contribute effectively to the growth of your business.

Hire a seasoned web designer

Approaching a web design company that holds dexterity in adhering to all these core aspects would be a wise move. It will help to create a long-lasting first impression of your website and generate qualified leads. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for any such seasoned web design company. Our consummate graphic and web designers hold excellence in delivering a user-friendly, appealing, and search-engine-optimized design for your website.

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