ps barWhat is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses on attracting new customers rather than pressuring them to buy your products or services.

Inbound Marketing
According to the inbound marketing technique, you may develop your business more effectively and quickly by informing, educating, and gratifying prospects with helpful content and service. People are drawn to your website by high-quality material and customized service that keep customers coming back to learn more until they're ready to buy from you.

Inbound marketing is a broad concept with various applications and techniques that make it helpful and relevant to businesses in the digital age. However, it is a significant departure from what most firms are used to, making it challenging to adapt independently.

Inbound marketing companies can help with this.

When consumers succeed and tell others about it, it attracts more customers to your company, creating a self-sustaining circle. This is how your company gains traction, which is why the inbound technique is such a solid basis for your flywheel.

ps barWhat Is a Flywheel, Anyway?

The flywheel is a business concept that shows how your company may build momentum by prioritizing and delivering excellent customer service.

Investing in customer acquisition and retention tactics – forces for your flywheel — may help it spin and gain momentum.

On the other hand, friction is anything that inhibits your flywheel. The handoffs between teams are frequently the most significant causes of friction for your consumers; therefore, team alignment and communication are critical to keeping your flywheel running.

ps barInbound Marketing Stages

The inbound marketing flywheel is a different way of thinking about how the inbound marketing technique works.

Rather than thinking about each client as having a definite start and finish point with your firm, it puts the customer in the middle and helps you sustain momentum. The inbound flywheel identifies three distinct stages, each of which is supported by inbound marketing techniques:


Are you looking for qualified leads? Here's how you get your hands on them. In the attract phase, you aim to increase traffic to your site, introduce the new visitors to the product or service you offer, and answer any queries they may have.


You've enticed them to come in. It would be best if you now spoke with them. The engage stage is everything about establishing a personal connection with visitors to provide them with the greatest possible experience.



Have you completed the transaction? Great! Turn your consumers become brand ambassadors. Encourage them to tell others about how much they enjoy your products and your company.

Your marketing, sales, and service operations may add force and remove friction throughout the attract, engage, and delight phases when your flywheel is built on the inbound model. The removal of friction from your flywheel is the responsibility of all organizational functions.

For example, marketing will play the most crucial role in the attract stage by writing a blog, promoting events, and driving paid ads. Still, your sales team can also add pressure by engaging in social selling, and your customer service team can add further thrust by making it easier for current customers to refer others.

They can keep your flywheel spinning once you've attracted enough consumers and engaged and delighted them.

  • Attract tools:
  • Ads
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Content Strategy
  • Engage Tools:
  • Lead Flows
  • Lead Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Website Bots
  • Delight Tools:
  • Email Marketing
  • Smart Content
  • Inbox Conversations
  • Marketing Automation
  • Attribution Reporting

These inbound strategies will help you effectively market to your target audience.

Companies like us that have been in the game for a long time can help you flawlessly execute all these strategies and stages, effectively using these tools.

ps barProperly chalked-out services. Here's how:

Website Design Strategies

Even if you're ready with a new website or are beginning from scratch, a well-designed website may have a notable impact on your company's performance. When an inbound marketing approach is combined with an inbound-optimized webpage, it may create more visitors and premium leads.

Luckily, most of the same ideas that apply to inbound marketing can also be used in website design. A site that is geared for inbound marketing is focused on giving value to a limited number of well-defined personas and includes the following elements:


A static website isn't required. Adding dynamic customization features to your website is part of an inbound website. If you've ever seen a "recently seen products" banner on a website, you've seen an example of personalization, but personalization can be used in a variety of creative ways.

Goal-oriented design

Like every other element of an inbound marketing plan, each page on a website should have a goal. Every webpage should be created to achieve a specific objective, whether earning qualified leads, increasing blog subscribers, or improving social shares etc.

Goal-oriented design
Conversion through content

Conversion through content

The basic idea of inbound marketing is to generate quality leads by providing visitors with relevant and useful information. Using call-to-actions that drive users to a landing page, followed by a thank you page with a supplemental offer, an inbound-optimized site should be developed around some of these content offerings. This sequence is known as a conversion route for inbound best practices, and it should be considered in your site design.


SEO, or "search engine optimization," aims to increase organic traffic from internet search engine rankings (for standard search engines like Google or Bing). Web search algorithms are built to scan a website's pages code and contents to rank it based on its relevance and other quality factors. However, SEO is about more than simply traffic; after all, the ultimate objective is to convert prospective visitors into consumers.

This is the same way that inbound marketing works.
Keyword Report

Keyword Report

All information collected at the keyword level, one row per term, is included in the Keywords report. It contains high search volume keywords and related all search phrases our prospects search.

Keyword Implementation

Finalized keywords are now set to be used on areas of; Onsite, Content Optimization, and Backlinks are a few ways you can put your SEO plan to work.

Keyword Implementation
Search Engine Positioning

Search Engine Positioning

The process of continuously tweaking web pages to get better (or more numerous) rankings in search engines for specific keywords is known as search engine positioning.

Writing Convincing Content

It's all about your customer's needs when it comes to Inbound Marketing.

As a result, the material you provide to them is crucial since it must be highly relevant and optimized for each stage: You discover your clients' pain areas and create content that addresses them during the 'attract' stage.

Social Media Marketing

With valuable and relevant content, inbound marketing focuses on providing value experiences and enticing potential customers. This is why social media is such a massive part of that. Social media is a marketing tool that allows you to provide precisely what your audience wants: contact, engagement, and a sense of trust. There are three ways of making social media your most considerable ammunition in the artillery when it comes to inbound marketing:
Promote your content

Promote your content

Organic traffic is difficult to come by when you are starting from scratch. Hence, it would be best if you promoted it during the early stages of the launch. You can also involve influencer marketing for this purpose or rely on shout-outs from more giant platforms.

Understand your buyers

Inbound marketing success necessitates a thorough grasp of your target consumer. You can guarantee that your content relates to their specific wants and difficulties by creating detailed buyer personas. You'll be able to attract more of the correct visitors to your website, and you'll be able to concentrate your marketing and sales funnels on prospects who are more likely to convert.

Understand your buyers
Optimizing your Marketing Strategy

Optimizing your Marketing Strategy

Utilizing the information collected from social media may guide your content marketing strategy and know more about your customers. You can learn more about your consumers by using engagement data, and you can understand more about what content is effective and what isn't by using engagement data.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages are a big part of conversion because that is the first look of your brand or product the visitor will see. For instance, SEO, content development, and social media are all examples of inbound marketing techniques, and they are all in place to carry the visitor to the landing page. To boost conversions, post-click landing pages can be utilized in each of these marketing tactics.

As they remove distractions, post-click landing pages boost conversion. They omit an FAQ, contact page, or any additional pictures or data other than the message you want your visitor to get. If you only see the relevant message on the page, you are more likely to sign up for something (like a newsletter, maybe). It's easy to become confused or side-tracked if the relevant content is buried in blog articles, descriptions, and marketing content.

Email Marketing

Adverts, offers, educational content, and other marketing information are delivered directly to an interested subscriber's email inbox via mail marketing. It's a prominent inbound marketing channel that puts content where consumers seeking this information would find it.

With this, you can convert a lot better & re-gain customers that fell out of your conversion cycle by always being in their periphery (aka their inbox).

We offer all of these aforementioned services, and with years of experience and many happy clients behind us, rest assured that your business is in trusted hands.

- Mr. Puneet Sakhuja, Creative Director

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